Timeline 15

1600-1700 American History

  • Founding of Jamestown

    Founding of Jamestown
    Jamestown, Virginia was founded on this date
  • Founding of Plymouth Colony

    Founding of Plymouth Colony
    In this year, Plymouth colony in Massachusets was founded by English Pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower.
  • Salem, Massachusetts is founded

    Salem, Massachusetts is founded
    Salem Massachusetts is founded in this year by colonial settlers.
  • Boston founded

    Boston founded
    Boston, Massachusetts is founded on this date.
  • Period: to

    Pequot War

    The Pequot war is waged by Massachusetts Bay colonists against local Indian tribes, primarily the Pequot. The war ended in a colonist victory.
  • New England Confederation created

    New England Confederation created
    The New England Confederation, a military alliance between the colonies of Plymouth, Connecticut, New Haven and Massachusetts Bay is created in this year.
  • Maryland Toleration Act passed

    Maryland Toleration Act passed
    The Maryland Toleration act, requiring religious toleration, is passed by the Assembly of Maryland Colony.
  • Period: to

    Peach Tree War

    A conflict involving the Susquehannock tribes, who attacked New Netherland settlements in 1655, prompting a multi-year military conflict.
  • Province of Carolina chartered

    Province of Carolina chartered
    In this year, King Charles II of Scotland granted a charter for the new colony of Carolina
  • New Netherland ceded to England

    New Netherland ceded to England
    New Netherland is ceded to England by the Dutch under the treaty of Breda
  • Charleston founded

    Charleston founded
    In this year, Charleston is founded in present-day South Carolina
  • Period: to

    King Philip's War

    King Philip's War is waged between New England native tribes and New England colonists, ending in a colonist victory.
  • Period: to

    Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion takes place, organized by Virginia settlers against Governor William Berkeley and his forces.
  • William Penn receives charter to establish Pennsylvania

    William Penn receives charter to establish Pennsylvania
    In this year, William Penn receives a charter from Charles II to establish the Pennsylvania colony
  • The Glorious Revolution occurs

    The Glorious Revolution occurs
    In November, 1688, the Glorious Revolution began, primarily organized by Protestants wary of Catholic oppression. The revolution concludes with the removal of James II from the English throne and the beginning of the reign of Mary II and her husband, William.
  • Period: to

    Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem Witch Trials occur in Salem, Massachusetts, in which citizens, many innocent, were put on trial for practicing witchcraft. The accusations of witchcraft were accelerated by local superstition.