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  • Establishment of Jamestown

    Establishment of Jamestown
    Jamestown was established in an uninhabited, unhospitable peninsula on the shores of modern day Virginia. It was a massive colonial disaster.
  • Henry Hudson's Expedition

    Henry Hudson's Expedition
    Henry Hudson explored the North American continent and discovered what is now known as the Hudson River.
  • Santa Fe was Established

    Santa Fe was Established
    The Spanish established Santa Fe in modern day New Mexico.
  • Discovery of Tobacco as a Trade Crop

    Discovery of Tobacco as a Trade Crop
    Tobacco was discovered and utilized as Virginia's cash crop.
  • Slavery started in America

    Slavery started in America
    A Dutch ship brought over the first slaves in America.
  • The House of Burgesses

    The House of Burgesses
    The first representative assembly in America, the House of Burgesses, was formed.
  • Plymouth Colony was Founded

    Plymouth Colony was Founded
    Plymouth Colony was founded by a group of separatists from England seeking to establish a colony that allowed them to practice their religion freely.
  • Period: to

    The Pequot War

    This conflict between the Massachusetts area colonists and the Pequot Tribe largely eliminated the Pequots and other Native American tribes, enabling further colonization.
  • Execution of King Charles I

    Execution of King Charles I
    King Charles I was executed during the English revolt.
  • England Became a Republic

    England Became a Republic
    England became a protectorate nation under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell.
  • Advancement of Slave Laws

    Advancement of Slave Laws
    A Virginia law was passed that stated children born to slave women would inherit the condition of their mother, essentially perpetuating traditional slavery.
  • Acquisition of New Amsterdam

    Acquisition of New Amsterdam
    The English took New Amsterdam from the Dutch colonists and renamed it New York.
  • Period: to

    Metacom's War

    Also know as King Philip's War, this revolt was led by Native American leader, Metacom. Inspired by a vision, this was among the Natives' last attempt to drive out the colonists.
  • Decree of Sanctuary

    Decree of Sanctuary
    The Spanish king declared that American slaves could obtain freedom by becoming Spanish citizens and converting to Catholicism.