• First Declared English Settlement

    The first English settlement was declared in the city of Jamestown, they settled here in the hope to find Gold. Gold is far from what they found they soon realized that in fact there was no Gold here, but a swampy area with many mosquitoes.
  • Quebec was Founded

    Quebec was founded by the french under the leader Samuel de Champlain. Quebec was very crucial in the forming of future French settlements.
  • Slavery begins

    The first ship of 20 slaves was sold to the colonists in Virginia.
  • House of Burgesses

    The House of Burgesses was the first American assembly, and it meet the first time in Virginia
  • Plymouth Colony Established

    The Colony was established by pilgrims from England. The men on the Mayflower had to sign the Mayflower compact before getting off the ship.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony was Founded

    The colony was formed by the Massachusetts Bay Company, this company was a charter company.
  • Pennsylvania was Established

    Pennsylvania was established by William Penn, he established Pennsylvania in hopes to form an openly religious colony.
  • Charles I was executed

    There was no rest within the political happenings in England this caused Charles I to be executed and this left England to be questioned. They wanted to stay neutral.
  • Navigation Act

    This act was passed by the British Parliament to control commerce.
  • Bacon's Rebellion Begins

    Colonists led by Nathaniel Bacon attacked a group of natives in so-called self-defense. The disagreement was actually ironically about bacon.
  • King Phillips War

    The Wampanoags who were led by the Native Metacom attacked the British in Swansea. This was originally planned as just an attack but turned into a war. Thousands of people died throughout this war.
  • Glorious Revolution

    James II was out of the office and replaced by Protestant William. The revolution was extremely peaceful and bloodless, this is why it is called the "glorious" revolution