Storm and Victor computer timeline

  • The first computer models.

    The first computer models.
    1960-They made a system that made it possible for different computers (%u201Cnodes%u201D) could send and receive information from each other.
  • First e-mail.

    First e-mail.
    1970-First email in 1972 using nomenclature (set or system of names or terms)
  • Personal Computers

    Personal Computers
    1980-the computers started becoming more popular and they were more commonly found in homes because of their ability to help with everyday tasks. They were working on making more powerful computers at universities and laboratories.
  • Information superhighway

    Information superhighway
    1990- Aug.6. The first webpage was created. %u201CInformation superhighway%u201D this was a new tool that helped you share information on the internet using %u201Chypertext%u201D (a way to store data through a computer program)
  • new way to waste time.

    new way to waste time.
    2000- Personal computer became very common and people began sending videos, posting photos, and making blog sites and social networking. no we can post adds for products and even votes. this is just the beginning of the internets potential.