Dwight D Eisenhower

  • Dwights Birth

    Dwight David Eisenhower is born in Denison on October 14, 1890.
  • Graduation

    from Abilene High School
  • Eisenhowers service

    enlists in the Millitary
  • Married

    Married Mamie Geneva Doud
  • Won the Election

    He won by a landslide of 33 million votes to opponent Adlai Stevenson%u2019s 27 million.
  • Eisenhowers Diplomat act

    Eisenhower departs for Korea to review the military situation.
  • Eisenhowers Commander in cheif act

    Eisenhower announces that the Seventh Fleet patrolling the Formosa Strait will no longer shield Communist China from military action by Nationalist China.
  • Eisenhowers political party act

    Eisenhower removes government controls on wages and salaries.
  • Eisenhowers apointments

    The Department of Health, Education and Welfare is created. Eisenhower names Oveta Culp Hobby as the first secretary of the newly created department. Hobby is only the second woman to serve in a presidential Cabinet.
  • Eisenhowers State act

    President Eisenhower delivers %u201CThe Chance for Peace%u201D speech before American Society of Newspaper Editors.
  • Eisenhowers Legislative act

    President Eisenhower signs the Submerged Lands Act giving states the natural resources, ownership and sovereignty over %u201Clands beneath navigable waters within the boundaries of the respective states.%u201D
  • President Eisenhower dies (PHSYIC)

    President Eisenhower suffers a heart attack in Denver.
  • Eisenhowers executive act

    Eisenhower appoints William J. Brennan to the Supreme Court.
  • Eisenhowers importent decision

    President Eisenhower signs the National Defense Education Act, which provides loans for college students majoring in math, science and foreign languages.
  • Dwights Death

    He died from a coronary heart disease. He was 78 years old.