• Period: Sep 14, 1492 to

    US History 1492-1763

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus reaches America

    Columbus makes land fall, and thinks that he has reached India.
  • Sep 13, 1517

    Reformation begins

    Martin Luther nails 95 thesises to the church door, listing his protests against corruptoion in the church. The Reformation was the revolt against the Catholic Church. Those who revolted were called Protestants.
  • Sep 14, 1530

    England becomes a Protestant nation

    I the early 1530s King Henery VIII wanted a divorce from his wife, the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella because she had yet to produce a male heir to the throne. The Pope siidded with the monarchs, and refused to grant the divorce. Henery VIII broke from the Catholic Church, and established the the Church of England.
  • Sep 14, 1547

    Wars over English religion

    After Henery's death in 1547, the Spanish plotted to restore the authority of the Catholic Church in England. For decades, Philip II of Spain and Elizabeth I of England led their nations and a cold war against each other.
  • Colony Started at Roanoke Island

    Raleigh sent a second expedition to Roanoke Island and appointed Ralph Lane as Governor. The Lane colony was intended to be a military post for men only. Because Lane’s colony lacked sufficient supplies, this second settlement was also abandoned. Shortly thereafter, Sir Richard Greenville arrived with winter provisions only to find the colony abandoned
  • The Spanish Armada is defeated

    The Spanish created an Armada of 130 ships to restore Catholicism in England. They got burned (litterally), and lost half of its ships to a storm.
  • Jamestown established

    Commercial outpost is Jamestown. baisically the story of Pokahantus.
  • Pilgrims settle Plymouth

    Mayflower reaches the Americas. Mayflower compact
  • Thanksgiving is started

    The Plymouth colonists and the neibhoring Indians got together and celebrated a good harvest.
  • Massachusetts Bay Company recieves charter

    New England is settled by Puritans. This was called the great migration.
  • Maryland founded

    Fuonded by Lord Baltimore, it was a refuge for Catholics , who were fleeing from persection. The # of settelers was small, and inorder to attract more, Maryland was made a religiously tolerant of Protestants
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    In 1675 a conflict between Nathaniel Bacon and William Berkeley erupted. Bacon didn't agree with Berkely, he refused Bacon a piece of the Indian fur trade.
  • William Penn settles Pennsylvania

    William Penn (1644-1718), founder of Pennsylvania.The king owed William Penn's father, but his father died before the king could pay him back. Willliam Penn Penn was a believer in freedom of religion, free elections and the right to a fair trial by a jury.
  • Glorious Revolutin in England

    When King James II planned to install Catholicism as the state religion of England, Parlimant invited William and Mary to lead a uprising on behalf of the people's liberties. James II fled to France and Parlimant named William and Mary rulers of England. Then Parlimant passed the Bill of Rights, Making it aparent that the authority of the crown depended on Parlimant and the people it represented.
  • Salem Witchcraft Trials

    Curiosity about the supernatural, and a series of natural disasters caused a wave of hysteria. As a result of this, several hundred people were accused of witchcraft. In salem, 19 were hanged, and 1 person pressed to death, before people came to their senses.
  • Great Awakening in Colonies

    The Great Awakening was a religious movement in the colonies. It emphasized emotional spirituality. Nourished the idea of a separate church and state.
  • Seven Years's War (French and Indian War) starts

    The final Colonial War (1689-1763) was the French and Indian War, which is the name given to the American theater of a massive conflict involving Austria, England, France, Great Britain, Prussia, and Sweden called the Seven Years War. The conflict was played out in Europe, India, and North America. In Europe, Sweden , Austria, and France were allied to crush the rising power of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. The English and the French battled for colonial domination in North America.
  • The Seven Years' War (French and Indian War) ends

    Treaty of Paris
    Proclomation of 1763 declares all land West of the Appalachian Mt.s was Indian land and off limits to colonists.
    -This was not popular
    The French and Indian War, as it was referred to in the colonies, was the beginning of open hostilities between the colonies and Great Britain.