14.4 Time Line

  • Independence

    The Congress Party and the Muslum League worked together for independence from the British,
  • Abd al-Aziz

    Abd al-Aziz
    Abd al-Aziz began to unifi Arabia
  • WWI

    World War I starts
  • WWI ends

    WWI ends
    WWI ends
  • Rowaltt Act

    Rowaltt Act
    British pass the Rowaltt act and Indian individual rights were violated
  • Amritsar Massacre

    Amritsar Massacre
    Hindus and Muslums protest to the Rowaltt Act.
  • Campaign

    Campaign of civil disobedeance by Gandhi
  • Campaign

    Campaign of civil desobedece made by Gandhi.
  • 1920-1930 discovered oil deposits

    1920-1930 discovered oil deposits
    1920-1930, European and American countries discovered oil deposits in Iran, Irak, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.
  • Mustafa Kemal

    Mustafa Kemal
    Mustafa Kemal, fights Greeks and British and over throw the last Ottoman Sultan
  • Kemal becomes president

    Kemal becomes president
    Kemal becomes president of the new republic of Turkey
  • Reza Shah Pahlavi

    Reza Shah Pahlavi
    Reza Shah Phlavi modernized Purssia and became it´s leader
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Salt March/Salt Act, organized by Gandhi against British, harsh lost to Indians
  • Abd al-Aziz renamed

    Abd al-Aziz renamed
    He renamed the kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • Reza changes name

    Reza changes name
    Reza changed the name of the country to (IRAN)
  • British Parliment

    British Parliment
    British Parliment, passes the government to indian act.
  • Kemal dies

    Kemal dies
    1938 Kemal dies and becomes father of the Turkish