The libyan revolution 1

Libyan Revolution

  • Egyptian President falls, and so it begins

    Egyptian President falls, and so it begins
    When Hosni Mubarak steps down, not only 3 days after, Libyans on facebook send out requests for peaceful demonstrations against Ghaddafi, who was ruled for over more than 4 decades.
  • Protesters of Benghazi

    Protesters of Benghazi
    As many as 200 protestors were gathered in the coastal city of Benghazi and showed their support for human rights activist Fathi Terbil, a laywer that didn't approve of anything going on in Libya. A couple protestors are taken into custody.
  • "Day of Rage"

    "Day of Rage"
    Libya's media claims the government relased 110 prisoners and that government could swiftly change soon. People are urging for a "Day of Rage" on the five year anniversary of the 1shooting death of 14 protestors from the Islamic rally in Benghazi which occured in 2006. Seven people killed among the "Day of Rage"
  • First images

    First images
    People in support of Ghadaffi, flood the streets of the nation's capital. Images taken of women holding up giant posters of Ghadaffi and men yelling pro'Ghadaffi sayings.
  • Demonstrations go wrong

    Demonstrations go wrong
    Protests turn for the worst and become seriously violent. In Benghazi soldiers fire tear gas and bullets at protesters, at least 30 killed among the chaos, most from gunshot wounds to the head. Protests are now erupting in many cities including Misratah, Al-Baida, and Ajdabiya. The death toll is up to 84 now.
  • Death toll continues to rise

    Death toll continues to rise
    Protestors take over Benghazi, anti-government demonstrations take place in Tripoli and the death toll grows to at least 219 people.
  • Footage becomes present

    Footage becomes present
    Ghaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, appears on televsion to warn all members of Libya that the protests must end or a civil war could erupt. Now first footage is present from CNN journalists in Eastern Libya.
  • Ghaddafi blames U.S.

    Ghaddafi blames U.S.
    Moammar gives a lengthy crazed-tone speech in which America becomes the scapegoat somehow. He also calls the rebels and demonstrators "rats" that must be executed.
  • A lot goes on

    A lot goes on
    Death toll is now approaching the 1,000 mark. Tobruk and Misratah have been turned over to the rebels. In the city of Bayda, a makeshift government was being formed by anti-Gadhafi leaders.
  • Oil prices soar

    Oil prices soar
    Oil prices skyrocketed to $120 a barrel due to worrying over violence in Libya and the further revolts that could occur in the near future.
  • Little advance in fight against rebels

    Little advance in fight against rebels
    Colonel Muammar el-Gadhafi’s forces didn't advance much in an attempted assault on rebels in a couple cities around the country as well as in a huge attack on Zawiyah. The rebels held the city after a night of perilous fighting, beating back tanks and artillery vehicles, specially traiend troops and regular army troops, and jets.
  • West discusses possible involvement

    West discusses possible involvement
    West is still in debate over whether or not a possible intervention could be at hand in the Libyan war as the American War ships go to stations around the Libyan waters.
  • No-Fly Zone

    No-Fly Zone
    Battles still continue back and forth between the government and demonstrators, but during this NATO talks about beginning a No-Fly Zone over Libya to aid the rebels.
  • Arab League votes

    Arab League votes
    The "No-Fly Zone" had been voted on, the Arab League supported it fully.