13 Colonies Timeline

Timeline created by gzamora25
In History
  • Virginia

    Virginia was founded in 1607 to give the English territorial claims to America and is re-found by the US in June on the 25th of 1788.
  • Massachusetts

    In hope of purifying the church of England.
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire was founded for fishing (food).
  • New York

    Colony built on land captured from Dutch.
  • Maryland

    For the Catholics.
  • Connecticut

    They came looking for freedom and religion.
  • Rhode Island

    For people of any and all religions.
  • Delaware

    Founded for trade and farming.
  • North Carolina

    Founded for Farming.
  • South Carolina

    Founded for Farming.
  • New jersey

    Colony captured by dutch.
  • Pennsylvania

    Was the Quaker's Colony.
  • Georgia

    To protect the south as in the Carolinas as well.