13 Colonies

  • Jamestown was founded

    Jamestown was founded in 1607 by the London Company.
  • New York was founded

    New York was first called New Amsterdam and was changed to New York in 1664. New York was founded by the Dutch.
  • Pocahontas' Death

    Pocahontas was the daughter of the Powhatan leader, in 1614. She died 3 years later in England when she was visiting husband, John Rolfe.
  • Expansion of Slavery

    The Dutch ship brought Africans to Virginia in 1619. Some Africans were servants; others had been enslaved. Some African servants became successful farmers when their contracts ended.
  • Massachusettes was founded

    The colony was founded by Pilgrims. The colony's purpose was for religion and freedom. During all this one of the most important details is the Mayflower Compact.
  • New Hampshire was founded

    It was founded by John Mason. It was a fishing colony. The colony is a royal charter colony.
  • Virginia Was Founded

    Virginia was founded by the London Company. The colony was a charter colony, but later switched to a royal colony. The reason for the colony was to expand the empire
  • Maryland Was Founded

    Maryland is a southern colony. It was founded by Lord Baltimore and George Calvert. Maryland was a proprietary colony but was changed to a royal colony. This colony was a refuge for Catholics.
  • English Catholics Come To Maryland

    A group of 200 English Catholics came to Maryland. Alot of people in the group were rich landowners, servants, craftpeople, and farmers.
  • Rhode Island was founded

    The Colony was founded by Roger Wilkinson and Anne Hutchinson. The purpose was for Religon and freedom.
  • Connecticut was founded

    The colony was founded by Thomas Hooker and Warthrop. The colony is for religion and partial freedom. Connecticut is a New England Colony in North America, East side of the world.
  • Toleration Act of 1649

    This bill made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of Christians. This was the first law supporting religious tolerance passed in the English colonies.
  • North Carolina was founded

    North Carolina was founded by King Charles ll and colonists from Virginia. It was a proprietary colony but then it changed to royal.
  • New Jersey was founded

    New Jersey was founded by the Dutch and the Dutch of York made Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley proprietors of New Jersey. In Jersey there were Scots, Finns, Dutch, and Sweden
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    A group of indentured servants along with Nathaniel Bacon attacked American Indians. When the governor tried to stop him, Bacon and his followers attacked and burned Jamestown in an uprising aka Bacon's Rebellion
  • Pennsylvania was founded

    Pennsylvania was founded was founded by William Penn who wanted a colony for himself to rule. King Charles ll agreed and gave him a charter for the colony. The purpose is Religious freedom.
  • Delaware was founded

    Delware was south of Pennsylvania and was a region sold to William Penn. Delaware remained a part of Pennsylvania until 1776.
  • Indentured servants moved to Middle Colonies

    About 135,000 indentured servants came to the middle colonies. About half of them moved to Pennsylvania.
  • South Carolina was founded

    South Carolina was founded by King Charles II. It was a royal colony.
  • Georgia was founded

    Georgia was founded in 1732 by General James Oglethrope. This was a proprietary colony but later swithed to a royal. Georgia was a refuge for debtors. It was also a buffer between the Spanish Florida and the English colonies.
  • Georgia goes from Proprietary to Royal

    The British government made Georgia a royal colony with new laws.
  • Philadelphia became the largest city

    By 1760 Philadelphia became the largest British colonial city. Other cities in the middlwe colonies, such as New York City, also grew quickly.