Thirteen Reasons Why

By ryand
  • The Shoebox 1st event

    The Shoebox 1st event
    Clay Jensen receives a box filled with 7 cassette tape recordings made by his former classmate, Hannah Baker. Hannah recently committed suicide. He was wondering who could have sent the tapes to him.
  • Tony's Walkman 2nd event

    Tony's Walkman 2nd event
    The walkman is what Clay used to listen to the majority of the tapes. He had stolen the walkman from his friend Tony. He is feeling internal conflict while listening to the tapes because he doesn't know why Hannah chose him to get the tapes.
  • The Map 3rd Event

    The Map 3rd Event
    Clay finds a map in his locker that leads to places that have significance to Hannah's death. He feels great sorrow when he is going to the different locations on the map. The emotions that clay feels are internal conflicts.
  • Hannah's tapes 6th event

    Hannah's tapes 6th event
    Hannah explains on the13 tapes what each person said or did that caused her pain and hurt her deeply. Hannah has both internal and external conflicts. her external conflicts are with her classmates for the things they have said or done to her. Her internal conflicts are her own feelings about herself and the sadness and depression she feels.
  • Rosie's Diner 4th event

    Rosie's Diner 4th event
    Tony reveals to Clay that he is the one that has a second set of tapes. He makes Clay listen to the tape that is about him. Tony and Clay are feeling external conflict due to Hannah,s suicide and the part they might have played.
  • Clay Jensen tape 5th event

    Clay Jensen tape 5th event
    Clay finds out that Hannah feels that he is a nice person. She pulled away from him so that she doesn't ruin his reputation. Clay feels internal conflict that he didn't try to get to know Hannah better and feels guilty about that.
  • Classmates 7th event

    Classmates 7th event
    As each classmate listens to their tape they are feeling different emotions. There is internal feelings such as guilt, sadness along with others that don't really care about Hannah's suicide . There are also external conflicts such as fear that other students might find out their part in Hannah's death.
  • Tape #13 Mr. Porter 8th event

    Tape #13 Mr. Porter 8th event
    Hannah goes to her school counselor, Mr. Porter she gives him hints that she is planning to commit suicide. He gives her bad advice and does not help her. This was the final thing that lead to Hannah deciding to kill herself. Hannah's internal conflict was that she felt helpless.
  • Hannahs life in Hign School 9th event

    Hannahs life in Hign School 9th event
    All of Hannah's experiences with her classmates contributed to internal feelings of sadness, helplessness, and suicide.
  • Theme

    The theme in this story is that your words and actions can greatly impact another person in both negative and positive ways!