Underground to Canada

  • Event 1

    Julilly was sold to slavery.
  • Event 2

    The slaves were taken to the Riley Plantation
  • Event

    Julilly meets Alexander Ross and he says hes from Canada.
  • Event 4

    tThe slaves were forced to work in the cotton feild.
  • Event 5

    When Julilly is in the wagon she is thirsty and she stops and meets the black boy.
  • Event

    Julilly takes water from the black boy and gives it to the people in the wagon.
  • Event 7

    Julilly and the other slaves heard about Canada and she wanted to know more.
  • Event 8

    They know more about Canada and they are planning on escaping.
  • Event 9

    They start their journey to escape from slavery.
  • Event 10

    They reach Canada and Julilly ends up with her mom!