Rise Against

By Tada
  • Tim Mcllrath

    Tim Mcllrath
    Timothy "Tim" James McIlrath (born November 3, 1979) is an American rock musician. He is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, songwriter and co-founder for the American punk rock band Rise Against. McIlrath is known to support animal rights and actively promotes PETA with his band. He follows the straight edge lifestyle, along with Rise Against bassist Joe Principe and guitarist Zach Blair. Swing life away
  • Education

    In college (Northeastern Illinois University), McIlrath majored in English and Sociology. In his junior year, he met Joe Principe at a Sick of It All concert. Principe asked McIlrath to sing over a few tracks that he and Mr. Precision had recorded. It was at this time that Rise Against was formed, and McIlrath left college. Hero of war
  • Formation

    The Alternative-Rock four-man outfit Rise Against, formed in late 1999 in Chicago, Illinois USA. Vocalist Tim Mcllrath and bassist Joe Principe decided to begin playing music together. They enlisted Dan Precision to play guitar. And almost a year after they first met, found a drummer from Colorado, Brandon Barnes. Savior
  • The start

    The start
    After a demo gig, Rise Against got the attention of a well known and respected record companyThe band released their first album in the spring of 2001: The Unraveling. "Fat wreck chords" landed them the recording contract for the album and sent them on tour soon after. They stayed on tour for two solid years before settling down with a new record company. Before they left however they released the album "Revolutions per minute" Which had many hit singles on it, gaining many fans.
  • 3rd Album

    3rd Album
    The band left Fat Wrech Chords in december of 2003 for DreamWorks/Geffen. Later the next spring guitarist Mohney was fired for the band. Newcomer guitarist Chris Chasse stepped in as a permanent replacement in time to record Rise Against's major label debut "Siren Song Of The Counter Culture". This 12 song album sent their notibility throught the roof and was in the top ten of almost every hit list.
  • Rising into Power

    Rising into Power
    "Siren Song Of The Counter Culture": the 12-song set hit #3 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers list upon its August 2004 release, it also reached the #136 spot on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and yielded three Modern Rock charting singles including the top 20 hit "Swing Life Away", "Give It All" and "Life Less Frightening". The group spent time on the road supporting the release, including successful runs on the Warped Tour as well as opening shows for Bad Religion.
  • The Suffer and the Witness

    The Suffer and the Witness
    Rise Against's fourth album, and their second on a major label "The Sufferer And The Witness", released in July 2006. It blasted them straight into the top 10 of The Billboard 200. it was prefaced by the Hot Modern Rock top 20 hit "Ready To Fall", the follow-up singles: "Prayer Of The Refugee" and "The Good Left Undone" charted higher, peaking at #7 and #6 respectively on the Billboard's alt-Rock radio chart.
  • Appeal to Reason

    Appeal to Reason
    After their past two albums went on to sell almost half a million copies in the States, the Chicago-based outfit's next album "Appeal To Reason", released in October 2008. It quickly bulleted into the top 3 of The Billboard 200 and earned the platinum status. This was the first album with new comer guitarist Zach Blair, who replaced Chris Chasse. The CD made a #1 debut in Canada, and spun off three top 5 U.S. Hot Modern Rock smash singles: "Audience Of One", "Re-Education, and savior.
  • Endgame

    Rise Against Recently relased their newest album "Endgame". The band started working on it in september of 2010 after finishing their tour of "Appeal to Reason". They let the hit single "Help is on the way" leak out into public on january 17 to increase anticipation of the album. They already have tours set up in the U.S. and Europe starting in Washington. On may 7th they will be playing in the Nautica Pavillion in Cleveland OH... (hint hint)
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    AT this point in Rise against's career the only two Indivigual's the have been with the band from the begining are Tim Mcllrath and Joe Principle. With Tim playing rythem guitar and doing vocal's and Joe on Bass the pair have gone through 3 drummer's over the years and 5 guitarist's. Survivor Guilt