1930s Events

  • Federal Reserve Announces a Ban on Bank Loans for Margin Trade.

    Federal Reserve Announces a Ban on Bank Loans for Margin Trade.
    LinkFebruary 2,1929 Federal Reserve announces a ban on bank loans for margin trade putting a hold on stock exchange.
  • Federal Bureau of Narcotics Formed

    Federal Bureau of Narcotics Formed
    Link The Federal Bureau of Narcotics was an agency of the united states merged with the bureau of drug abuse control to form the bureau of narcotics.
  • Smoot Hawley Tariff

    Smoot Hawley Tariff
    LinkCongress passes the Smoot- Hawley Tariff having important duties to protect the manufactures from the for gin competition.The tariff has a little impact on the economy, but the change in Europe went into a crisis.
  • Adolf Hitler gets German Citizenship

    Adolf Hitler gets German Citizenship
    LinkFebruary 25,1932 Hitler gains citizenship into the nation of Germany.
    In 1932 Immigrant Adolf Hitler becomes a new citizen of Germany.Hitler ran against Hindenburg the president of Germany.Hitler lost to Hindenburg but the election established him as a realistic alternative in German Politics.
  • Japan Withdrwals

    Japan Withdrwals
    LinkJapan has declared that they are holding in Manchuria an independent country. The League of Nations have voted against the rule in Manchuria. Japan announce that they will withdraw from the League of Nation in two years. Emperor Hirohito has regrets this and is hopefully that he stays in a good relations with other counties can be maintained.
  • National Recovery Act

    National Recovery Act
    LinkThe national recovery act was put into place soon after the final approval of the act. The act was an agreements dealing with hours of work, rates of pay, and the fixing of prices.
  • National labor Relation Act

    National labor Relation Act
    (NLRA) was to give new rights to the people. But also it had to be changed with 7 responsibilities. It was accepted for alone period of time and years later it became an American labor. The NLRA energized union formation. Union rolls hit 35 percent of the work force by 1945.
  • France Establishes the Forty-Hour Work Week

    France Establishes the Forty-Hour Work Week
    LinkFrance made a forty hour workweek to be re-elected which was opposite to their expectations. not working on decisions and raising crime and unemployment went to retirement issues.
  • The Hilo Masscre

    The Hilo Masscre
    Link<a August 1st 1938 there where over two hundred men and woman that belong to several different labor unions to peacefully demonstrate against the SS Waialeale in Hilo. They were force over seventy police officers who tear gassed, and fired their riot guns into the crowd. This is the story of that bloody event that what has come to be known as the annals of Hawaiian labor history as the Hilo Massacre.
  • Nazi Rally in New York City

    Nazi Rally in New York City
    LinkIn New York the German - American Bond stage a huge rally to called the Truce Americanism in Madison Space in New York. An Anti-Semitic admirer and the Bond Leader Friz Kuhn called Franklin Roosevelt The Jew Deal.