Bangladesh Liberation War

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  • Operation Searchlight

    Operation Searchlight
    The Pakistani military planned this operation as a way to stop the resistance of the East Pakistanis. Before the night of the violence, Yahya Khan said, "Kill 3 million of them and the rest will eat out of our hands." The Pakistani army particularly targetted the residental halls of the Dhaka University.
  • Sheikh Mujib Rahman and Major Ziaur Rahman's Radio Announcements

    Sheikh Mujib Rahman and Major Ziaur Rahman's Radio Announcements
    Sometime after Operation: Searchlight, Sheikh Mujib Rahman, outraged, signed an Official Declaration of Independce, and on the same day, Major Ziaur Rahman made a radio announcement supporting SMR. It was broadcasted all over Bangladesh, motivating civillians.
  • Bangladesh Provisional Government formed

    Bangladesh Provisional Government formed
    A Provisional Government was formed in Meherpur District, in Western Bangladesh (bordering India). As fighting grew between the west and east Pakistan, an estimated 10 million Bangladeshis and Hindus sought for refuge in Indian States.
  • Bangladesh Forces set up

    Bangladesh Forces set up
    M.A.G. Osmani, as the Commander-in-Chief; Bangladesh was divided into 11 sectors with defected Bangladeshi officers from the West Pakistani Army as the Commanders for each sector. In the sectors, they would train civillians for "Mukti Bahini" to join the war with help from india.
  • Battle of Boyra

    Battle of Boyra
    First Air-Force engagement of East and West Pakistan. Initially started on land with the Battle of Garibpur, which then escalated in the Battle of Boyra (with air supposrt). The BoB is seen as the successful destruction of Strike Elements of The PAF (Pakistani Air Force)
  • Battle of Hilli

    Battle of Hilli
    In order to get Bogra, the Indians decided to go through Hilli. By cutting off Pakistani forces (to Bogra) they had a full-on frontal fight with Pakistan in Hilli (for control over Bogra). Lots of casualties came from both sides, however Pakistan pulled back on 11th December. The official surrender was on the 17th of December.
  • India officially joins the War

    India officially joins the War
    Noticing the involvement of the Indians (Mukti Bahini training, etc.), West Pakistan launched a pre-emptive attack on India but failed. This just gave the Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandhi motive to make Bangladesh their ally. Their purpose for helping Bangladesh was their bitter relations with Pakistan
  • Attack on Pakistan

    Attack on Pakistan
    Bangladesh conventional forces attacked Pakistani border outposts. This intensified Guerrilla Attacks, as well as attacks on civillians, and showed that Bangladesh could stand up to Pakistan.
  • Surrender

    C.A.Niazi from the Pakistani Army signs instrument of surrender. The biggest surrender since World War II. However, after the surrender, the Pakistani Army gathered all intellectuals and killed them at Rayer Bazaar, dooming their healthy future as an independent country.