Biological Findings in the past 400 Years Isaiah Reichenbach Ian Severson Bio 10 Period 5 3/17/11

  • 1665 Robert Hooke

    1665 Robert Hooke
    Robert hooke an English scientist invented the first microscope and examined wood from a cork tree todiscover little boxes which he then called cells.
  • 1660's and 1670's Creation of Microscopes

    1660's and 1670's Creation of Microscopes
    Scientist concluded that life comes from a "vital force" which they belived created life.
  • Period: to

    Biological Findings in the past 400 Years

    Biological discoveries and events in Earth's history
  • 1668 Francesco Reddi

    1668 Francesco Reddi
    Discoverd how flys "spontaneouslly regenerate" from rotting meat using an open jar with meat inside and another closed and discoverd flys lay their eggs in the meat in the open jar creating maggots. Where in the other jar was closed and no maggots were created.
  • 1768 Lazzaro Spallazani

    1768 Lazzaro Spallazani
    Expiremented to see if microorganisms come from other microorganisms by doing what Redi did but with broth.
  • 1865 Louis Pasteur

    1865 Louis Pasteur
    Pasteur did what Spallanzani did except his bottles of broth were open with curved necks so that air can reach the broth but microorganisms couldn't.
  • 1920's Alexander I Oparin

    1920's Alexander I Oparin
    Oparin hypothised how life was created on Earth by estamating the volumes and types of gases Earth had when it first formed and atmosphere.
  • 1953 Stanley L Miller and Harold C Urey

    1953 Stanley L Miller and Harold C Urey
    Miller and Urey expirement with Oparin's theory and create amino acids, ATP and nuclotidesthe building blocks of life.
  • 1964-1993 Sidney W Fox

    1964-1993 Sidney W Fox
    Fox did extensive research on how cells were first created.
  • 1966 Lynn Margulis

    1966 Lynn Margulis
    Created the theory of endodymboiyics, which is when microorganism engulfs another and both survive, from there they evelove over a course of millions of years.
  • 1982 Thomas Cech

    1982 Thomas Cech
    Cech is the first person to show that RNAmolules are not restricted to being the only carriers of genetic information.