By jovan
  • The Lindbergh Baby is Kdnapped

    The Lindbergh Baby is Kdnapped
    LinkThe Lindbergh baby Charles Lindbergh Jr had got kidnapped from his home in new jersey and the ransom note was $50,000 and the crime had got the attention of the entire nation and for like three days the investigator had nothing on the case then a different letter came up into the picture demanding a $70,000 ransom.
  • Adolf Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany

    Adolf Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany
    LinkHitler appointed chancellor</a>When Hitler became chancellor it was the start of the worst dictator in world history. He brutally killed so many Jews that it is unknown of how many deaths there are.Which started the Holocaust the most deadly epidemic that happened to Jews so far. <a href='http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/riseofhitler/named.htm' >
  • Japan withdraws from the league of nations

     Japan withdraws from the league of nations
    LinkJapan withdraws from the League of Nations when it was discovered that they wanted to invade Manchuria, China. Japan was scolded for wanting to invade China, so Japan just left the League.
  • Black Sunday,

    Black Sunday,
    LinkMany dust storms were combining and cover miles of some Western and southern states like Texas,Colorado and southwest Kansas an other souther areas . Carrying tons of topsoil, cars, seeds, an barrying tractors in tons of sand and dirt. The black Sunday dust storms lasted longer in different southern spots especially plain regions.
  • The Works Progress Administration is created.

    The Works Progress Administration is created.
    LinkThe WPA is an organization that helps the unemployed or recently laid get a job. This was very helpful towards the results of the Depression. The organization was a huge help to many people all around the U.S.A.
  • The Hoover Dam

    The Hoover Dam
    LinkThe power of Colorado River, Hoover Dam begins sending electricity over transmission lines spanning 266 miles of mountains and deserts to run the lights, radios, and stoves of Los Angels.It was the worlds largest (hydroelectric installation) in the United states which was built at the height of depression,and provide thousand of jobs for the workers. <a href='http://http://www.k-grayengineeringeducation.com/blog/index.php/2010/10/09/engineering-education-today-in-history-blog-hoover-dam-goes-
  • The city of Puducah in Kentucky River flood

    The city of Puducah in Kentucky River flood
    LinkPuducan was located in the northern part of McCracken Country.The Puducan in Kentucky river flood was the most destructed river that occurred that year.It over flowed banks,three blocks of city's,and their were important murals that were destroyed that was apart of the city culture. http://www.quiltingpathways.com/paducah/mural-wall.htmlhttp://www.lrl.usace.army.mil/poi/article.asp?id=691&MyCategory=449
  • Austria becomes Germany

    Austria becomes Germany
    Austria again becomes apart of Germany due to Hitlers aggressive ways of negotiation and he deified anyone who thought to keep these two countries apart..
  • 09/30/1938 Munich Agreement

    09/30/1938 Munich Agreement
    LinkThis said that it was okay to allow the Germans to add on to the land of Czechoslovakia. This agreement took place in Munich Germany. This just gave Germany more control then they needed. This could have been a factor in the World War II.
  • The Spanish civil war Ends April 1,1939

    The Spanish civil war Ends April 1,1939
    LinkThe Spanish War that started with the military rising headed by General Francisco Franco. It ended tragically on April 1, 1939 with the government giving up and the Spaniards marching the Spanish flag into France and General Franco officially ending the war. www.sispain.org/english/history/civil.html