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Muhammad Ali

  • Muhammad Ali was born

    Muhammad Ali was born
    This is Muhammad when he was 2month old. He was a very wild boy and people think that his face looked like a boxers face. In this time periodde many other thinks happen. One of these things is that the Japans attack Pear tharbor in 1941. That was one year before Muhammad was born. Another thing that happened was that T-shirts were invented. The T-shirts were just envented the day Muhammad was born. Muhammads parents thought that was a sign of that their son would get famest.
  • Period: to

    Muhammad Ali and historical events

  • Live around Muhammad

    Live around Muhammad
    When Muhammad was about 8 years old the korean war began and it ended in the 1950s.
  • Muhammad Alis biggest dream

    Muhammad Alis biggest dream
    In 1963 Muhammad knew what his biggest dream was. His dream was to become a really good Boxer and his goal was that everybody knows him. In the century not only his dream played the main roll. In 1967 the first super bowl happend.
  • Muhammads live in the 1970s

    Muhammads live in the 1970s
    The chaotic events of the 60s including war and social change seemed destined to confuse in the 70s. Major trends included a growing disillusionment of goverment, advances in civil rights, increased influenceof the womans movement.
  • New Invention

    New Invention
    In this time periode the personal computer is invented by IBM.
  • Nelson Mandea and South Africa

    Nelson Mandea and South Africa
    -south Africa repeals a partheid laws
    -Nelson Mandela Freed