1940's timeline

By kusay
  • 1940's event

    British air victory in the battle of british prevents the german invasion of england.
  • 1940's event 2

    1940's event 2
    The German army begins to attack on Holland , Belgium , and France
  • 1941's event

    A British task force sinks the German pocket battleship bismarck.
  • 1941's event 2

    Nazi leader Rudolf Hess flies to England on a peace mission.
  • 1942's event

    Actor James Cagney wins an Academy Award for the film Yankee Doodle Danbie.
  • 1942's event2

    French writer Albert Camus publishes The Stranger.
  • 1943's event

    Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's musical Oklahoma! is produced.
  • 1943's event 2

    The British and American armies link up in Africa.
  • 1944's event

    American aircraft from the Marianas begin the startegic bombing of Japan.
  • 1944's event 2

    English writer Somerset Maugham publishes The Razor's Ege.
  • 1945's event

    World war II ends.
  • 1945's event 2

    Korea is divided between U.S. and Soviet.
  • 1946's event

    President Truman creates the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • 1946's event 2

    Women vote for the first time in Italy.
  • 1947's event

    1947's event
    Pakistan becomes member of UN.
  • 1947's event 2

    Truman asks for $400 million to help Greece & Turkey.
  • 1948's event

    1948's event
    South Korea creates a constitution.
  • 1948's event 2

    Germans and Japanese are banned from pay tennis at Wimbledon.
  • 1949's event

    Israel become the 59th member state in the United Nations.
  • 1949's event 2

    1949's event 2
    The kingdom of Siam becomes the kingdom of Thailand.