Medievel Timeline

  • Period: 250 to

    Medievel Timeline

  • 552

    Buddhism is introduced to Japan.

  • Mar 3, 607

    Construction of the oldest surviving five-storied pagoda begins.

  • Mar 3, 1050

    Movable type is invented in China.

  • Mar 3, 1065

    Song dynasty begins regular civil service exams.

  • Mar 3, 1180

    There was a civil war in Japan.

  • Mar 3, 1185

    Minamoto Yoritomo, the head of the military family, seized power.

  • Mar 3, 1192

    The first shogun is appointed.

  • Mar 3, 1405

    Zheng He's voyages gain new tributary states fir China.

  • Prince Shotoku rules Japan

  • Tang Dynasty records a formula for gunpowder.

  • Buddhist religion expands under the Tang dynasty.

  • First written record of foot binding, which reduces that status women.

  • ats kead a golden age if culture during the Heian period.

  • Hiragana writing develops.

  • People thought there were corruption in the money.

  • The leader Fujiwara leader was Fujiwara Michanga who led during this time.