• Housekeeping Details 1:15-1:30

    Discussion on; Inspiration Assignment, Website development, continued use of PowerPoint, Distance Learning class!! Presentations, Webquest!
  • Simulation of Distance Learning Class on Wiz IQ 1:45-2:15

    There will be several ways to contact me during the simulated class. We will have several ways to contact me.
    Remember to join dropbox and well as SKYPE.
  • 2:15-3PM: Presentations: We will present Teacher Interview & Website Evaluations 2:15-3PM

  • 3PM-3:20PM: Quick PowerPoint Assignment under Course Docs

    We can review custom animation as well as some pointers on PPT
  • 3:20PM-4PM- I/K/ projects Need to go over guidelines DC lesson Plan & time allowance.

  • 4PM-5PM Webquest Assignment

    Review of Webquests continue into Sunday's class. Introduction to assignment and Webquests.
  • 5PM-5:15PM: Podcasting: IF TIME PERMITS

    Podcasting; and the difficulties of Podcasting: Challenges I had. If there is not time we will move into Sunday's class.