Tunisia revolt

Tunisian Revolt

  • The Protest of One

    The Protest of One
    Mohamed Bouaziz lights himself on fire to protest laws forbidding people from selling fruits and vegetables in the street
  • Protests for Change

    Protests for Change
    Since Mohamed Bouaziz's act, protests have continued throuhgout Tunisia, with casualties reported between 50 and 200 lives lost.
  • President Leaves Country

    President Leaves Country
    After several protests, longtime president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali steps down.
  • Mohamed Ghannouchi Resings

    Mohamed Ghannouchi Resings
    When the long time Prime Minister steps down, the Tunisians view it as a break from the past.
  • Elections

    The acting president announced that elections will be held, probably during the summer.