The Life of Aidan R. Wood

By awood
  • Lijiang Earthquake

    7.0 earthquake strikes Lijiang, China kills approximately 240 and injures about 14, 000
  • Long March Rocket Crisis (Read More)

    American Rocket "Long March" veers off coure in China and crashes into a rural village killing over 500
  • U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece is attacked by mortars

    Under attack by mortar fire
  • Ariane 5 Explodes (Read more)

    The European Space Agency's spacecraft the Ariane 5 explodes 40 seconds after launch in French Guiana
  • First Steps

    My first steps. Month and Year are precise, but no exact day
  • First Words

    No exact day or month, but correct Year
  • First Breath

  • Brazilian Airliner Crashes (Read More)

    Brazilian airliner crashes into the city of Sao Paulo killing 103
  • First Words juice Please

    no exact day
  • Sister Born

  • Y2K

  • 9/11 attacks

  • Decorah

  • Indonesian Tsunami (Read More)

    9.4 earthquake causes a 100 foot tall tidal wave that kills over 230,000 people
  • Back to Cedar Rapids

  • Started School at Prairie

  • Saddam Hussein executed

    Publicly hung
  • Flood of '08 affects Grandparent's business downtown

    They were right next to river
    no exact day, summer of 2008
  • Got Braces

    Not exact date, but was at very beginning of month
  • Best Gift= Red Faction Guerrilla

    2009 or 2010
  • Haiti Earthquake (Read More)

    7,0 earthquake strikes in Haiti killing approximately 316,000, injuring about 300,000 and leaving about 1,000,000 homeless
  • Egyptian Revolution (Read More)

    Egyptian President steps down