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The 2011 Egypt Rebellion

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Due to the former protests that happened in Tunisia, Egyptians felt they could do the same. Thousands of people demanded an end to President Mubarak's reign. They clashed with the police in a "Day of Wrath".
  • Period: to

    Egyptian Rebellion

  • It gets violent

    It gets violent
    At least 24 people died today and more than 1,000 people were injured due to violence regarding the protests. Mubarak ordered hundreds of troops and tanks to enter Cairo to quell the protesting. Protestors rejoiced in the army's intervention since they are injured and won't interfere with the protesting, unlike the police force.
  • Mubarak Addresses the Nation

    Mubarak Addresses the Nation
    Its been a couple of days since the protests begun. To address these protests, Mubarak said he will not be running for re-election in September, 2011. He did promise political reforms but the people were still upset. Pro/Anti Mubarak groups continued to clash through the night.
  • He Wont Step Down!!!

    He Wont Step Down!!!
    Violence began to escalate. His supporters showed alligience to Mubarak by going to Tahir Square and attacking unarmed protestors. Police were involved as well, and this went on through the night. In many interviews today, Mubarak made it clear that he was not stepping down in order for a smooth transitition.
  • Street Battles and Still No Change

    Street Battles and Still No Change
    More and more street battles continued around Tahrir Square. Egyptian authorities have cracked down on journalists and activists throughout the nation. Mubarak told the ABC network that he would like to step down, but not immediatly due to the fragile situation.
  • Large peace rally

    Large peace rally
    The ongoing reform has drawn thousands upon thousands of people to Tahrir square for a peaceful rally. The Muslim Brotherhood reported that a security force with a "gang of thugs" attacked their newsroom along with their journalists. Al-Jeezera reported a similar situation.
  • Some change...

    Some change...
    Many key individuals of Egypts current ruling party stepped down, including Mubarak's heir apparent son. It has been the most change that has happened but Mubarak stayed in his position. People wonder if these moves were meaningful or just cosmetic.
  • Free, fair, competitive elections!

    Free, fair, competitive elections!
    VP Suleiman made a speech to the Egyptian people that the constitution will be amended to allow free, fair, and competitive elections. The US White House called Suleiman's comments "particularly unhelpful" since Egypt is not ready for democracy.
  • VP Gets delegate powers

    VP Gets delegate powers
    Mubarak gave a speech today stating that he refuses to step down. He made it clear that he will not take orders from anyone outside Egypt (US?). He did say that he will hand down all delegate powers to the vice president. The angry crowds responded in anger, "Get out! Get out! Get out!"
  • Mubarak Steps Down

    Mubarak Steps Down
    Vice President Suleiman announced that Mubarak has resigned from the presidency and he gave powers to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Cheers erupted in Tahrir Square saying "Egypt is free!"
  • Cleaning Up

    Cleaning Up
    Protesters helped clean up the streets and Tahrir square the day after their celebrations of Mubarak's resignation. The army is suspending the constitution and will assign a commitee to make changes to it. There was normal traffic flow in Tahrir square for the first time since January 25th.