• John Locke Dies

    John Locke Dies
    Anti-Hero John Locke's belief that humanity could only observe the world and rationally analyze it was predominant at this time. It was the exact opposition of this belief that was the cornerstone of Transcendentalist philosphy.
  • Immanuel Kant Dies

    Immanuel Kant Dies
    Hero A German philospher, Kant's writings were the basis of most of the principles of Transcendentalism- the movement is actually named after a passage in one of his texts.
  • Period: to

    Transcendentalism Movement

  • Charleston Mob Attacks Abolitionists

    Charleston Mob Attacks Abolitionists
    Significant Event Demonstrating the political tension of the time, a pro-slavery mob attacked a group of abolitionists in Charleston, SC, burning their writings and forcing them out of the state.
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears

    Cherokee Trail of Tears
    Significant Event Thousands of Cherokee Indians forced to relocate to Oklahoma, killing thousands due to grueling travel conditions.
  • Emerson deliver's Divinity School Address

    Emerson deliver's Divinity School Address
    Hero Ralph Waldo Emerson delivers a speech at the graduation of Harvard Divinity School, denouncing the Unitarian beliefs that he had held until this moment. He proclaims a belief in the human ability to be inspired directly by God, giving birth to the Transcendentalist Movement.
  • Mississippi Allows Women to Own Property

    Mississippi Allows Women to Own Property
    Significant Event Mississippi becomes the first state to allow women to own property independent of their husbands. Women's rights was a major Transcendentalist issue.
  • Margaret Fuller becomes First editor of the Dial.

    Margaret Fuller becomes First editor of the Dial.
    Hero On this date, Margaret Fuller becomes the managing editor of The Dial, a Transcendentalist journal imagined by Emerson. The Dial served as the primary mode of publication for Transcendentalist writers.
  • Fruitlands opened

    Fruitlands opened
    Hero Founded by Amos Brownson Alcott. Similar to Brook Farm, Fruitlands was a commune in Harvard, MA that sought to provide an environment that helped members advance in spirit.
  • George Ripley Open Brook Farm

    George Ripley Open Brook Farm
    Hero Brook Farm was a communal society which proposed to allow its members more time for reflection and time in nature by pooling labor and working together.
  • "Never Bet the Devil Your Head" Published

    "Never Bet the Devil Your Head" Published
    Anti-Hero Written by Edgar Allen Poe, and lifelong critic of Transcendentalism, this short story mocks the movement's belief in the inherent good of mankind.
  • Theodore Parker Breaks with Unitarians

    Theodore Parker Breaks with Unitarians
    Hero: In 1841, after a year of preaching unorthodox sermons, Parker officially denounces the Unitarian Church, stating a belief that people can experience God, and religious focus should be on individual growth.
  • First Telegraph Sent

    First Telegraph Sent
    Significant Event Samuel Morse sends the first telegraph from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, MD.
  • Texas Annexed

    Texas Annexed
    Significant Event The United States government and Texas legislation both pass bills agreeing the annexation of Texas into the US.
  • Period: to

    Henry David Thoreau Lives at Walden Pond

    Hero Thoreau not only talked about closeness with nature, he followed through and acted on this belief. Believing that he could only be one with God through nature, he lived for almost two years alone in a cabin in the woods. Picture of Walden Pond cabin
  • Compromise of 1850 Passed

    Compromise of 1850 Passed
    Anti-Hero Drafted by Henry Clay, this set of Congressional Bills allowed California to enter the Union as a free state, but passed the Fugitive Slave Act in return. Many Transcendentalists spoke against slavery overall, and this bill in particular, because they believed all people had the right to pursue God.