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Native American History

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    Native american History

  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    General Winfeild Scott arrived in New Echota and ordered 7,00 soldiers to round up all Cherokees. About a week later removal in N.C.,AL, and TN began. About 17,000 Natives and 2,000 black slaves had been removed at gunpoint and ordered to move West to the Reservations in OK. Along the way illnesses were amoung the people due to unhealthy conditions, lack of food and water, and the absense of medican. The Trail of Tears has been known as one of the most regrettable episodes in American history.
  • Trail of Death

    Trail of Death
    General John Tipton was informed that he was in command of the removal of the Potawatomi indians. When he arrived at Menominee’s chapel where he told them that they were all prisoners. His milita was sent to capture all natives in a 50 mile radius. Chief Menominee and two other chief's were placed in a jail wagon, afterward in which their people fallowed. The trail had begun. While many became sick, the medican at the time did not help, and death had consumed them. Thus the name Trail of Death.