• The Vote.

    The Vote.
    After Ralph blows the conch to draw all the children together they vote a leader into power. When Ralph is elected Jack is upset and that begins to draw the two boys apart. To keep Jack happy Ralph puts him and his choir as the hunters.
  • The Fire.

    The Fire.
    Ralph decides a fire would be the best idea to get rescued so the boys head up the mountain to make a fire. When they get to the point of lighting it they have to use Piggys glasses, which in the end sets most of the mountain top on fire. This shows their argression toward one another and how they will fight even Piggy for what they need, taking his glasses from him without permission.
  • Jack killing his first pig.

    Jack killing his first pig.
    Jack starts out camoflaging his face believing that will help him hide from the pigs. Then Jack and his hunters set out into the forest. Hours later the boys return from their hunting trip covered in blood and chanting a bizarre song because they had their first taste of killing something like the pig/
  • Simon is killed.

    Simon is killed.
    As Jack and his tribe dance around the fire they stole, Simon stumbles out of the forest to tell the boys the "beast" was only a died parachutest. When he finally emerges out of the trees near camp Jacks trip attacks Simon ripping him apart like his the beast.
  • Piggy's glasses are stolen.

    Piggy's glasses are stolen.
    After Jacks fire goes out he needs to start a new one so in the middle of the night Jack and some of the boys steal Piggy's glasses.
  • Piggy is killed.

    Piggy is killed.
    After not being able to find his glasses Piggy and Ralph go talk to Jack about getting them back. As Jack and Ralph argue Roger pushes a rock on Piggy hitting his and causing him to fall over the cliff into the water.