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Justin Daubenspeck Lord of the Flies

  • First Event

    First Event
    Jack and his hunters killed their first pig. This shows that they are getting to be able to kill things without the trouble of seeing blood.
  • second event

    second event
    Jack starts trying to take charge while in their meetings. Which shows that Jack is wanting to be in charge of a group.
  • third event

    third event
    Jack breaks away from the group and creates his own tribe. The seperation starts to make the group cross the line of right and wrong.
  • fourth event

    fourth event
    Jack and the hunters kill the sow brutally and put its head on a stick to keep the beast away. This shows how they are getting closer to not being civil and humane in the things they do.
  • Fifth Event

    Fifth Event
    Jack's group kills Simon as he runs into their camp to tell them that the beastie is not real, that it is just a dead parachutist. This shows that Jack and his tribe are not stable and have crossed the line of being humans.
  • Sixth Event

    Sixth Event
    Jack's tribe actually creates a hunt to kill Ralph for being against their group. This shows that they have no sense of right and wrong any more.