Federation Of Australia

  • Period: to

    Federation of Australia

  • First session of the National Australasian Convention os held in Adelaide

  • second session of National Australasian convention is held in Sydney

  • Final session of the National Australasian Convention is held in Melbourne

  • The premiers of all six colonies of Australia meet in Melbourne to discuss changes to the proposed new constitutuon of australia

  • South Australian referendum about federation is won

  • New South Wales Referendum won

  • Victorian and tasmanian referendums are won

  • Queensland referendum won

  • The Constitution Bill is passed in Queensland

  • Australian Delegates are invited to London to Discuss thr Constitution Bill of Australia

  • First delegates' meeting held in London

  • A confrence of the state premiers is held in Melbourne to support the delegates in London

  • The Commonwealth bill is introduced into the House of Commons in London

  • The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act is passed in British Parliment

  • Queen Victoria gives royal assesment of the Act

  • The Western Australian referendum is won

  • Queen Victoria proclaimbs that the Commonwealth of Australia, comprising of all six colonies, will come into existance on 1st January 1901

  • Lord Hopewoun appointed Governor-General of Australia

  • Federation Of Australia

    on the 1st of January 1901 Australia was federated and became a nation.
  • Queen Victoria dies and is succeded by Edward VII

  • The Commonwealth Government takes controll.

    The Commonwealth Government takes controll of a wide reange of functions formaly exersized by the colonies, including Military forces, postal and customs
  • First federal election is held

  • A census shows Australias population to be 3,773,800. Aboriginies were not counted

  • The first Australian parliment is opened by the duke of York

  • Australia's new national flag is flown for the first time