Sigmund Freud

  • Day of Brith

    Day of Brith
    Freud Was Born in Freiberg, Moravia ( Now Czech Republic )
  • On Coca

    On Coca
    Sigmund Frued Wrote a paper about cocain ( he belived that cocain was a cure for mental and physical problems )
    ( Date May not be correct )
  • Theroy Established

    Theroy Established
    Frueds Theory Phsycoanalitic Was Established
    ( Date My Not Be Corect )
  • Marriage

    Married Martha Bernays
    ( Date May Not Be Corret )
  • Cheating

    Frued's Sister in Law moved in and frued cheated on his wife with her.
    ( date may not be correct )
  • Bye Baby

    Bye Baby
    When Frueds Wife found out that it was true that frued cheated on her she got an abortion.
    ( date may not be correct )
  • Truths

    Frueds Wife was still obbssesd over Frued Cheating on her.
    And now she knew it was true
    ( Date May Not Be Correct )
  • Cancer

    Frued dected Leukoplakia Cancer ( Cancer of the Mouth )
    The doctor told suggested that he would stop smoking
    ( Date May Not Be Correct )
  • Prize

    Frued Recive The Goethe Prize in apperation of his contribution to Psychology
    ( Date not exactly right )
  • Day of Death

    Day of Death
    Died of cancer of the jaw.
    Died in Maresfield Gardens, London