• Francis Ferdinand assassinated

    Francis Ferdinand assassinated
    at Sarajevo
  • Austria declared war on Serbia

  • Period: to


  • Germany declared war on Russia

  • German declared war on France and invaded Belgium

    Germany has to implement the Schlieffen Plan
  • Britian declares war on Germany

  • Germany invaded France

  • Russian army defeated at Tannenburg and Masurian Lakes

  • Battle of Marne

  • First battle of Ypres

  • Turkey enters war

    German allies
  • The first Zeppelin raid on Britian took place

    The first Zeppelin raid on Britian took place
  • Period: to


  • Britian bombarded Turkish forts in the Dardanelles

  • Allied troops landed in Gallipoli

  • The Lusitania was sunk by a German u-boat

    The Lusitania was sunk by a German u-boat
  • Italy declared war on Germany and Austria

  • The Germans captured Warsaw from the Russians

  • Start of the Battle of Loos

  • The Allies started the evacuation of Gallipoli

  • Period: to


  • Start of the Battle of Verdun

  • British forces surrendered to Turkish forces at Kut in Mesopotamia

  • Battle of Jutland

  • Start of the Brusilov Offensive

  • Start of the Battle of the Somme

  • End of the Bruslov Offensive

  • First us en masse of tanks at the Somme

  • Lloyd George becomes British Prime Minister

  • Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare campaign started

  • Period: to


  • USA declared war on Germany

  • France launched an unsuccessful offensic on the Western front

  • Start of the third Battle of Ypres

  • Battle of Caporetto

    The Italian army was heavily efeated
  • Britian launched a major offensive on the Western Front

  • British tanks won a victory at Combrai

  • Armistice between Germany and Russia signed

  • Britian captured Jerusalem from the Turks

  • Germany signed the armistice with the Allies-offical date of the end of WWI

  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed between Russia and Germany

  • Period: to


  • Germany broke through on the Somme

  • Marshall Foch was appointed Allied Commander on the Western Front

  • Germany started an offensive in Flanders

  • Second Battle of the Marne started.

    The start of the collapse of the German Army
  • The advance of the Allies was succesful

  • Turkish forces collapsed at Megiddo

  • Germany asked the Allies for an armistice

  • Germany's navy mutinied

  • Turkey made peace

    Turkey made peace
  • Austria made Peace

    Austria made Peace
  • Kaiser William II abdicated

  • Peace conference met at Paris

  • Period: to

    Post war 1919

  • The surrendered German naval fleet at Scapa Flow was scuttled

  • The Treaty of Versailles was signed

    The Treaty of Versailles was signed