• Jan 1, 1200


    The worlds first computer using sliding beads.
  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal
    The worlds first mechanical calculator.
  • Joseph Jacquard

    Joseph Jacquard
    The worlds first punch card.
  • Charles Xavier Thomas

    Charles Xavier Thomas
    The worlds first Arithometer, manuafactured in Paris after WW1.
  • Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage
    The worlds first Automatic calculator machine that builds tables.
  • The ABC

    The ABC
    The worlds first electronic digital computer.
  • 1st Generation Computers

    1st Generation Computers
    -Used vaccuum tubes
    -produced so much heat that the air conditioning wasn't needed
  • 2nd Generation Computers

    2nd Generation Computers
    Early 1960s
    -faster and more reliable
    -needed less power to run
    -more memory space
    -gave off less heat
  • 3rd Generation Computers

    3rd Generation Computers
    Late 1960s
    -Silicon chips
    -faster, smaller, more reliable
    -software industry emerged
  • 4th Generation Computers

    4th Generation Computers
    -smaller circuitry
    -computers in homes