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  • he was born...

    he was born...
    he was born the 21st of march 1685 in Turingia,
  • his parents died

    Bach's mother died in 1694, and his father eight months later
  • ohrdruf

    in Ohrdruf, he copied,studied and interpreted music. he learnt musical theory and composition, he played the organ
  • Saint Miguel's school

    Saint Miguel's school
    when he was fourteen, he recibed a registration to study in Saint Miguel's school
  • the first period

    the first period
    The first period, the learning and study, going from 1700 to 1713, being already in Weimar. In this period, which is focused on music for harpsichord and organ, and sacred cantatas, assimilates and exceeds the German music of the seventeenth century and early eighteenth century in the field instrumental and vocal religious
  • the first wedding

    the first wedding
    Maria Barbara Bach, he got married with her in 1707 and he had got seven sons and daughters
  • the second period

    the second period
    The second period, the Masters, beginning in 1713, in Weimar, and ends in 1740, and settled in Leipzig. During this period, having completely assimilated and surpassed the German style of the previous period, assimilates and is influenced by Italian music, when, collecting and synthesizing the characteristics of Italian style and German style, managed to make his unmistakable personal style, adaptable perfectly to all genres and forms of their time unless the genre of opera. In Leipzig, Köthen,
  • the second wedding

    the second wedding
    Anna Magdalena Wilcke got married with him and she had got thirteen sons and daughters
  • his works

    his works
    he wrote works of tocatas, concerts, cantatas, fantasies,etc
  • the third period

    the third period
    The last period of his music ranges from the publication of Clavier-Übung III in 1739 and ends with the composer's death in 1750, making up the Art of Fugue. During this period, significantly focuses on instrumental music and personal style becomes more contrapuntal, with a slight influence of the emerging new music gallant at the time. [
  • people think about his music

    people think about his music
    during the lasts years of his life, a lot of critics, told him that his music was considered: outdated, dry, difficult, convoluted and very full of ornaments.
  • he died

    he died
    J.S.Bach died 28th july 1750 in Leipzig