U.S. immagrants

By rayjean
  • Jan 20, 1000

    Asian Nomads (Native Americans)

    Asian Nomads (Native Americans)
    first people to americsa, later known as native americans
  • Feb 4, 1569

    Latinos and Asians

    Latinos and Asians
    The Latinos and Asians settled around 1565
  • Western Europeans (France, Ireland,Germany)

    Western Europeans (France, Ireland,Germany)
    They settled around the 1600's
  • Europeans (Spain)

    Europeans (Spain)
    in the 1600 the france and england were interested in fisheries and the fur trade
  • African Americans (slaves)

    African Americans (slaves)
    The African Americans settled at 1617
  • Eastern Europeans (Ukraine, Romans, Poland

    Eastern Europeans (Ukraine, Romans, Poland
    In 1617 African Americans were brought to the United Staes for slave labors.