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  • The Hinterland

    The Hinterland
  • The Nootka Indians

    The Nootka Indians
  • Period: to

    Social Forces Digital Progression

  • The Fur Trade

    The Fur Trade
  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Forehead Flattening

    Forehead Flattening
  • Henry Spalding

    Henry Spalding
  • Steamboats

  • The Oregon Trail

    The Oregon Trail
  • Manifest Destiny - Fifty-four Forty or Fight

    Manifest Destiny - Fifty-four Forty or Fight
  • Cataldo Mission

    Cataldo Mission
  • The Whitman Massacre

    The Whitman Massacre
    Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, Protestant missionaries, were murdered along with eleven others by tomahawk blows from Cayuse Indians. The Cayuse Indians believed the Whitman’s were responsible for spreading disease, when in fact Dr. Whitman was trying to treat the Cayuse illnesses. The Massacre was controversial because some people believed that the Catholics prompted the Cayuse attack by accusing Dr. Whitman of deliberately spreading disease. The Massacre was also significant because after he
  • The "Poor Man's Crop"

    The "Poor Man's Crop"
  • Franklin, Idaho founded

    Franklin, Idaho founded
    Brigham Young, a Mormon leader, encouraged members of the Mormon Church to branch out throughout the Rocky Mountain west to establish new Mormon communities. Thirteen colonists founded Franklin, Idaho which became Idaho’s first town. Mormon’s continued to settle in Idaho until in 1890, there were about twenty-five thousand Mormon residents, giving them great power at the polls where they mostly voted for Democratic candidates. Republicans were not happy about this and used the Mormon practice
  • "Rag town"

    "Rag town"
    The architecture in early Lewiston, Idaho, was not much of anything but tents. During the early 1860s, the city of Lewiston consisted of not much more than 120 tents, lending it the nickname of "Rag town". These tents consisted of muslin covered rafters with no windows and a fabric covered door. This type of tent city was common to gold mining towns and significant because it demonstrates the temporary settlements that often followed gold mining.
  • The Clearwater Gold Rush

    The Clearwater Gold Rush
  • Idaho Territory

    Idaho Territory
  • Henry Villard and the Last Spike

    Henry Villard and the Last Spike
    Henry Villard was the head of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The Northern Pacific became the first transcontinental railway to join the Pacific Northwest with the Great Lakes and the rest of the nation. At its completion, Villard held a spectacular ceremony to mark the hammering of the last spike of the railway. The completion of the railway was incredibly significant to the Pacific Northwest because it meant an end to isolation. The Pacific Northwest now had direct travel to the rest of the
  • Great Northern Railroad

    Great Northern Railroad
    James J. Hill completed the Great Northern railroad which became the strongest northern transcontinental railroad. Hill completed the railroad on a pay-as-you-go basis. This development strategy encouraged agricultural settlements around the railroad branch lines. Because of the settlements that were developed along the railway, the Great Northern outlasted the depression of the 1890s. The development of the Great Northern railroad is significant because the present day Burling Northern Rail