History of Overseas Aid Initiatives

  • Ist foreign aid project

    Charles IV sent Xavier de Balmis to spread the newly discovered vaccination to the Spanish Colonies. The vaccine was kept alive through a series of valunteers from La Coruna's orphan home. 100,000 people were vaccinated in the Carribbean, South and Central America and subsequently the Phillipines, Macao and Canton.
  • Foreign Food Aid

    US donates food to Venezuela
  • Battle of Solferino

    Henri Dunant a travelling businessman was horrified by sight of wounded men left to die. He organized local women to nurse the wounded, paid for tents to be set up and negotiated the release of doctors from the 'enemy'. The book he wrote triggered the formation of the Red Cross.
  • Red Cross

    The International Committee of the Red Cross was formed.
  • The Geneva Convention

    This was signed by 12 states with an aim to developing a humanitarian behaviour during war.
  • Schools of Tropical Medicine

    Doctors for the British Colonial Service prompted the devleopment of schools and training to understand and treat new diseases.
  • Ist Interantional Sanitary Bureau

    With the advent of steam rail and sea travel not only did human mobility increase, so did the spread of contagious disease and so began the spread of epidemics such as smallpox, bubonic plague, yellow fever and cholorea. The US and others from South America established the first international Sanitary Bureau which later grew into the Pan American Health Orgnanization.
  • International Health Agency

    Although conversations beganin 1851 at international sanitary conferences it wasn't until 1907 that the Office International d'Hygiene Publique (OIHP) was first formed. These roots can be traced through the development of the health section of the League of Nations and finally to the World Health Organization.
  • Foreign Food Aid

    US donates food to Europe
  • Foreign Food Aid

    US donates food to Russia
  • Landlease Program

    The United States provides food and military hardware to war allies to the sum of 45 billion dollars. The countries (Britain, Russia and China) were allowed to repay the loans at below market rates.
  • International Monetary Fund and World Bank

    Established to rebuild lareger Western Countries and stabilailze international exchange rates. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was also established. (Later changed to World Trade Organization).
  • United Nations formed

    Replaced the League of Nations. Inherited International Labour Organization.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization

  • UN International Children's Emergency Fund

  • Oranization fro European Economic Cooperation

    Over a four year span 13 billion dollars of aid was distributed to by the US which resulted in a rapid rebuilding of Europe. And two decades of economic growth. The countries were allowed to administer the projects themselves, were given low interest rates, and were allowed to maintain trade barriers.
  • World Health Organization

  • Foreign Aid

    Between 1948 and 1949 the United States, Britain, and France supplied West Berlin entirely by air, 2.3 million tons of coal, food and other supplies. This is one of the first examples of foreign aid and foreign policy becoming entangled.
  • Truman's 4 point inaugeral speech

  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees

  • UN Children's Fund

  • Food Aid formalized

    In the US Public Law 480 formalized the food aid program, commonly known as Food for Peace.
  • International Development Association

    Developed with the World Bank to coordinate interest free loans to poor countries.
  • Hospitals, Dams, Bridges and Roads

    Too numerous to count in the 1960's the development of AID agencies initiated at the International Level, with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development...the UN Industrial Development...to individual countries such as USAID, Britains DFID and thousands of non governmental organziations....
  • UN Conference on Trade and Development

    Following a meeting in 1955 over 100 countires were not prepared to align with either of the great powers but wanted status to enter into trade and development at an international level.
  • UN New International Economic Order

    Very similar to today's discourse. In a nutshell, poverty was not changing and disparity in health status was not changing. Health development was not working....perhaps modelling after China, primary health care would be the answer??
  • First Case of AIDS

  • World Debt Crisis

    The failure of Mexico to meet debt repayments. Structural Adjustment policies were having a disastrous effect on the health of the poor.
  • World Trade Organization

  • Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations

  • SARS Epidemic