apple touch items

  • first ipod touch

    this was the first ipod touch that hade wi-fi
  • iphone 1gen

    first iphone made
  • iphone 2gen

    is stronger and better built then the first
  • ipod touch 2gen

    hade better speakers then the first gen
  • iphone 3gen

    is shinier then the first two
  • iPod touch 3gen

    you can move apps and put into the other apps you have
  • ipad

    first portable computer thats a touch
  • ipod nano touch

    just like an ipod touch but only 1.5in in height and lenght
  • ipod touch 4gen

    the 4gen ipod has 2 cameras on the back and the front
  • iphone 4gen

    has two cameras just like the 4gen ipod