Timeline of CDs

  • First gramophone record introduced.

  • LPs created

    record companies began to issue 78 rpm records
    officially taken over by cd's in the '90s
  • PROCESS 1 INVENTION: Compact Discs (CD's) invented

    Invented by James Russell in 1965 but made popular by the company Philips in 1980
    1st Law of Media: CD’s expanded the music industry and allowed for more songs to be on one disc
  • PROCESS 2 DISCOVERY: Philips launched CD

    Made popular at this time
    2nd Law of Media: CD’s reduced the use of records and LP’s
  • PROCESS 3 DIFFUSION: CDs hit the market

    CDs became increasingly popular on the market in 1983 and started selling around the world
    3rd Law of Media: CD’s revived the easy access to music
  • 4th Law of Media: CD’s flipped into MP3’s

    MP3s are continually downloaded currently and fading the use of CD's out