• Jan 6, 1325


    aztecs found tenochitlan
  • Jan 6, 1502


    montezuma becomes aztec emperor
  • Jan 6, 1519

    mexican border

    U.S.-Mexico border region is inhabited by many Native American groups who have lived in the area for centuries.
  • Jan 6, 1521


    cocrtes conquers aztec empire
  • Jan 10, 1535


    Spain establishes colonial government in Mexico
  • spain

    viceroy is recalled to spain after rioting in mexico city by indians and others.
  • aztec sculputers

    two massive aztec sculpurters are dug in mexico city
  • adam-onis treaty

    adam-onis treaty
    Adam-Onis Treaty: U.S.-Mexico boundary established by Spain and the United States
  • mexico independence

    mexico achived independence from spain under Agustin de iturbide, who proclaimed himself emperor
  • 1824

    Mexico becomes a republic
    independence from spain
  • war

    united states wins mexicans american war
  • 1853

    The Surveyor of General Claims Office is established in New Mexico, though claims by Mexican Americans cannot be processed fast enough to prevent take-overs.
  • mexican revolution

    mexican revolution
    pancho villa hepls lead the mexican revolution
  • 1911

    Mexico's dictator, Porfirio Diaz, is overthrown. The new president is Francisco Madero, a liberal. Madero introduces land reform and labour legislation. Political unrest continues with Zapata leading a peasant revolt in the south.
  • 1917

    US forces withdraw, having failed to kill Villa. A new constitution is adopted, which is designed to ensure permanent democracy in Mexico.
  • lazaro cardenas

    President Lazaro Cardenas begins programme of oil nationalisation, land reform and industrial expansion.
  • earthquake

    Earthquake in Mexico City kills thousands and makes many more homeless.
  • 1997

    45 Indians killed by paramilitary gunmen in a Chiapas village. The incident causes an international outcry, President Zedillo starts an investigation.
  • 1998

    Bill Clinton signs a declaration with Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo committing their nations for the first time to devise a joint strategy for combating drug trafficking.
  • vincente fox

    vincente fox
    vincente fox is elected president mexico.