History of oceanography rafael servin 5th period

  • 276

    BC eratosthenes

    He was the first person to calculate the circumference of the earth by using a measuring system using stades, or the length of stadiums during that time period (with remarkable accuracy).
  • 320

    BC pytheas

    He traveled over a considerable part of Great Britain, circumnavigating it between 330 and 320 BC. Pytheas was the first Graeco-Roman to describe the Midnight Sun, the aurora and Polar ice, and the first to mention Germanic tribes.
  • 323

    BC ptolemy

    Claudius Ptolemaeus was a Roman citizen of Egypt who wrote in Greek He was a mathematician, astronomer, geographer, astrologer, and poet of a single epigram in the Greek Anthology
  • Apr 8, 1415

    prince henry the navigator

    henry the navigator was the fundator of the aviz dynasty
  • matthew maury

    but what make him study the nature was that he had a accident when he was in the us navy in 1839 in over the next 19 years Maury devoted himself to studying the winds, clouds, weather, and ocean features ... as well as the Bible. In his Bible studies, the words of Psalm 8 stuck in his mind:
  • Period: to

    challenger expedition

    they gather data on a wide range of ocean features, including ocean temperatures seawater chemistry, currents, marine life, and the geology of the seafloor.

    The material essentially tricks the sonar — a system used to identify underwater objects by analyzing the differences between the emitted sound waves and the returning waves, which have bounced off of the submarine, and it was invented by Lewis Nixon
  • benjamin franklin

    Franklin was a better printer than the man he was working for, so he borrowed some money and set himself up in the printing business. so he was a great printer and he baugth the newspaper to pennsylvania gazette
  • bathysphere

    The first bathysphere was devised by Otis Barton in 1928