Frederick Douglass

  • Birth

    Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County,Maryland. He was born a slave.
  • Moved

    Fredrick Douglass was sent to live with Hugh Auld and his family in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Learned the alphabet

    Learned the alphabet
    Mrs. Auld started to teach Frederick Douglass to read but stopped because Mr. Auld wouldn't allow her to. It was forbidden to educate a slave.
  • Works in a shipyard

    Works in a shipyard
    Frederick Douglass started working in a shipyard as a general assistant in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Moved back to Thomas Auld

    Moved back to Thomas Auld
    Thomas Auld took Frederick Douglass back from Hugh because Thomas and Hugh got in a fight.
  • Worked for Edward Covey

    Worked for Edward Covey
    Frederick Douglass worked for Edward Covey, who was a profesional slave-breaker.
  • First attempt to escape slavery

    First attempt to escape slavery
    Frederick Douglass was sent to Baltimore after unsuccessfully escaping from slavery. He then worked in shipyards.
  • Escaped from slavery.

    Escaped from slavery.
    Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery and ended up in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • Married

    Frederick Douglass married Anna Murray, who was free.
  • Asked to speak

    Asked to speak
    Frederick Douglass was asked to speak about his experiences as a slave at an abolitionist meeting in Nantucket, Massachusetts.
  • Women's Rights convention

    Women's Rights convention
    Frederick Douglass participated in a women's right convention in Seneca Falls, New York. He was the only man who had a big part in the convention.
  • Daughter is born

    Daughter is born
    Frederick Douglass' daughter Annie is born
  • Became a political abolitionist

    Became a political abolitionist
    Frederick Douglass became a poltical abolitionist to help end slavery.
  • Recurited troops

    Recurited troops
    Frederick Douglass recruited African American troops for Union armies.
  • Anna dies

    Anna dies
    Frederick Douglass' wife Anna dies of a stroke. This makes Frederick depressed.
  • Death

    Frederick Douglass died in Washington D.C. He died of a heart attack.