moon walk

  • birth

    Born in Gary Indiana.
  • Period: to

    Michael Jackson

  • Jackson 5

    Jackson 5
    The Jackson 5 started
  • First Album

    First Album
    First album with a local lable Street Town.
  • Jackson 5 go with Motown records

    Jackson 5 go with Motown records
    Motown calls the Jackson house and they are interested in signing with them.
  • Neverland Ranch built

    Neverland Ranch built
    Neverland Ranch was built.
  • Jackson 5 leaves Motown

    Jackson 5 leaves Motown
    Michael and his family didn't think Motown can help them with their records anymore so Michael told Motown that they are leaving.
  • Jackson's join Epic

    Jackson's join Epic
    The Jackson's join Epic productions and start writing, singing, and producing their own music
  • The Wiz

    The Wiz
    Micheal does a movie. Gave him strangth.
  • Michael's first solo album.

    Michael's first solo album.
    Michael makes his first solo album called "Off the Wall"
  • Thriller

    Jackson comes out with the Thriller album
  • Marriage

    with lisa presley
  • Divorce

    MJ had a divorce
  • MJ dies

    MJ dies