PA Timeline

  • Period: Jan 4, 1000 to Jan 4, 1500

    Woodland period (Native Americans began farming and become less nomadic)

  • Period: Jan 5, 1492 to Jan 5, 1493

    Columbus: His ships - The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria his voyage was sponsored by Spain

  • Period: Jan 5, 1492 to Jan 5, 1493

    He landed in the Caribbean

  • Period: Jan 5, 1500 to

    Many tribes lived in PA

  • Period: Jan 5, 1500 to

    First contact with Europeans

  • Jamestown Virginia was settled

  • Henry Hudson explores the Delaware Bay area

  • Pilgrims settle in Plymouth (Massachusetts)

  • Their ship is called the Mayflower

  • Peter Minuit comes to New Netherland

    Peter Minuit comes to New Netherland
    In 1638 the Swedish employed Peter Minuit to helo them establish a colony in the Americas, New Netherland was one of these colonies. A Dutch West India Company gave Peter absolute power over all of the Dutch lands in America and said he was like a King. Peter died during a hurricane at sea while returning to Sweden. His ship made it back without him.
  • New Sweden is founded

    New Sweden is founded
    New Sweden extended all the way to a fort that was named Ft. Christina after the 12 year old Queen in Sweden. It was built along the Delaware River. The leader of the settlement was Dutchman Peter Minuit, who was accused by the Dutch of misappropriating funds after his purchase of New York.
  • The Dutch take over New Sweden

    The Dutch take over New Sweden
    The Dutch invaded Sweden on August, 27 1665 and it was then renamed New Sweden. They keep their colony going by Trading with Europe. When Sweden opened the second northern war, the Dutch took advantage and moved an army into the Delaware River.
  • England takes over the colony (New York)

    England takes over the colony (New York)
    The English came to America in hopes of conquring as many colonies as they could. They took over New Amsterdam in 1664. When they got it they renamed it New York in honor or the Duke of York.
  • William Penn is granted the Charter for Pennsylvania

    William Penn is granted the Charter for Pennsylvania
    William was granted the Charter because of the debt the king owed his father. He rid the country of debt and also or Quakers and the king was happy about that. His Charter did not grant him to allow people to vote and have their own religious beliefs. Penns Charter did not offer the protection to slaves so many people still had them.
  • Pennsylvania is founded

    Pennsylvania is founded
    When William Penn go granted the Charter for the Pennsylvania land him and all of the Quakers went to America and founded what is now known as Pennsylvania. It was named after Penn. William had allowed the Natives to still keep most of their land and decided to keep up a friendship with them since they were on their land.
  • William Penn meets with the Delaware Indians

    William Penn meets with the Delaware Indians
    When William Penn was granted his Charter he also got the land of Delaware. Since Penn wanted to keep a good friendship with the Natives he went to meet with the Delaware Indians in 1682. He made agreements with the Natives about the land and they signed a Treaty for the land to Bucks County which was Only a short distance away from Philadelphia.
  • William Penn dies

  • Ben Franklin arrives in Philadelphia

  • Walking purchase

    Walking purchase
    At dawn on September 19, 1737, three colonists ans three Indians set off on a "walk" starting in Bucks County. They 66 1/2 miles in a day and a half, adding 1200 square miles to the open area for sale and settlement. The point of it so the Penn family could figure out how much land they could sell from the Indians from a treaty the had both signed saying they could have as much land as it took them to walk a day and a half.
  • Period: to

    French and Indian War

    The French and Indian war was a 7 year war between England and the American colonies, against the French and some of the Indians in North America. After the war the French didn't have control over Canade anymore and England had spent a alot of money on the war so they went into debt. After the war the Indians that fought against the British were defeated.
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    Pontiac's Rebellion
    The Natives were in possession of their homelands and had little feeling of loss during their association with Frenchmen. Then word arrived that the Indians were going to turn their backs and help Britian. The Natives were angry when they were denied tools, blankets, guns and liquor.
  • Stamp Act

  • Townsend Acts

  • Anthracite Coal is first used in homes

  • Boston Tea Party

  • The Intolerable Acts are passed

  • 1st Continental Congress is held

    1st Continental Congress is held
    The First Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia's Carpenters hall on September 5, 1774. Twelve of the 13 colonies sent delegates. Georgia decided against sending anyone because they desperatley need the support of the regualr british soldiers. The Congress decided not to advocate independence rather they tried to right the wrongs that had been forced upon them by Britian. The Congress lasted until late October.
  • 2nd Continental Congress

  • Declaration of Independence

  • The Pennsylvania state Constitution is written

    The Pennsylvania state Constitution is written
    The people of Pennsylvania decided to write a Constitution that only the people of Pennsylvania would have to follow. It started out with them applying the law of "All Men are Created Equal." Richard Beeman was the writer of this document. When it came time to vote on this document the white men who owned land were the only ones really allowed to vote, but they extended it to all white males who paid taxes. The Pennsylvania Constitution is still in effect today,
  • Period: to

    Washington occupies Valley Forge

    George Washington used Valley Forge as a temporary camp for the Winter and most of the Spring. During their stay there was a shortage on everything. Food, Clothing, and Medicine were very hard to find. Local farmers were hoarding much needed food to the army because it was such a cold Winter that they needed the food too.
  • The Articles of Confederation are adopted by the states

  • John Fitch invents the steamboat

    John Fitch invents the steamboat
    The first successful trial was with a forty five foot steamboat on August 22, 1787, while the people from the Constitutional Convention were there to witness it. Fitch later built a larger vessel that carried people and cargo between Philadelphia and Birmingham, New Jersey.
  • The U.S. Constitution is adopted

  • George Washington is elected President

  • Cornplanter's Grant

  • The Lancaster Pike is completed

    The Lancaster Pike is completed
    The Lancaster Pike was built during the Great Depression so people could have work. It it located in the York County area. The idea to make this new road was from farmers weren't msking enough money and they realized that the road to transport goods were bad so they offered to repave the roads for more money.