Cold War

By sweed34
  • Chinease Civil War

    Chinease Civil War
    Moa led the Chinease to a victory after being taken by Japan in WWII. China had struggled a lot under nationalist control but they defeated the Nationalist and became communist
  • Nuclear Arms race and Detente

    Nuclear Arms race and Detente
    The soviets and U.S. were the only two nuclear powers. They eventually started competeing to have more weapons than the other. The whole world lived in fear of a nuclear war knowing it would destroy both sides. The detente was a time of peace for the two countries that lasted most of the 1970's but ended in '79 when the soviets invaded Afghanistan.
  • NATO and Warsaw Pact

    NATO and Warsaw Pact
    As tensions continued to grow. The U.S. signed the North Atlantic Treat organization (NATO) with 10 other nations. They pledged that if any of them were attacked they would help eachother. The Soviets responded by making their own alliance with 7 other European satelites called the Warsaw Pact
  • Communism in Cuba and missle crisis

    Communism in Cuba and missle crisis
    Fidel Castro organized a rebellion against the government and won in 1959 which is the same time he started to transform Cuba into a communist country. Kennedy attempted to bring down the communism one way was the the bay of pigs invasion, which failed. In 1962 the Soviets sent Cuba missles the U.S. demanded they go back and they put a naval blockade the soviets to they were sent back.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    In the 1950's Berlin was a key point for cold war tensions. East Berliners which was communist tried to sneak their way into West Berlin which was Democratic and looked more promising. The Eastern communist built a wall in 1961 to divide east and west Berlin.