Original colonies

  • Virginia

    economy: based on tobacco
    social:plantations, slavery
    Political:Lord De La War, John Rolfe, House of burgesses
  • Massachusetts

    Economy: Fishing and Hunting
    Social: Extended families, everyone in the same social class, Puritan religion dominant
    Political: Puritans control the colony<representative government
  • New Hampshire

    absorbed by Massachusetts 1641-1679
  • Maryland

    Economy: tobacco
    Social: Catholic is main religion came with promise of land,slavery, settled roman catholics,
    Political: Lord Baltimore, Fuedal domaine
  • Connecticut

    Economy: seaports
    Social: emigrants from Massachusetts, Dutch, and English, Puritain
    Political: self government under local contol, want close church and state, fundamental orders
  • Rhode Island

    Economy: slave trade with west indies
    Social: complete religious freedom, social outcasts, "sewer"
    Political: Most liberal colony, Roger Williams.