The 13 Colonies

  • Founding of the Virginia Colony

    FIrst colony in America. Everyone lived on spread out Plantations and relied on slaves to grow crops. The major crops produced were tobacco. Everyone has the rights of englishmen and there was a House of Burgesses.
  • New York

    Democratic. Religious tolerance. Dutch culture
  • New Hampshire

    The New Hampshire colony was absorbed by the Massachusettes colony
  • Massachusettes Colony

    Massachusettes was a puritant safe haven. It was composed of a closely nit community and everyone relied on eachother. The colony was a democracy run by men. The colony received profit from fishing, ship building and lumber.
  • Maryland

    A religious tolerant place controled by Lord Baltimore (for a time). Everyone that was catholic could safely practice their religion.They depened on tobacco for their profits.
  • Connecticut

    Connecticut was a self governing colony that was catholic and puritan.
  • Rhode Island

    Rhode island "sewer." People that were unwanted went to Rhode Island. Rhode Island was a democracy and religiously tolerant.
  • New Haven

    This colony was an extension of the massachuesttes colony
  • Delaware

  • N. Carolina

    All poor farmers. Democratic and self suficient
  • New Jersey

    Quakers, relgious tolerance, anti-violence.
  • Carolina

    Close economic ties with sugar islands. Slavery.
  • Pennsylvania

    Quakers, anti-violent, good friends with indians, religious toleran.
  • Georga

    Buffer State, used to protect valuable colonies, charity colony.