American Colonies of 1733

  • Virginia

    The colony of Virginia was founded by the British and was their first colony. It was made so the British could find gold and was never planned to be an actual settlement. Desease and hunger struck those in the colony. The House of Burgesses was made for a political resource. Economically, the colony didn't really posper except for the fact that they had corn. The main religion was proteastant.
  • New York

    Founded by Dutch took over by Duke of York in 1664. Had fur trade and stocks. Was mostly aristocratic and had people of many ethinic groups.
  • Plymouth

    Absorbed by MA
  • Maine

    Bought by MA
  • New Hampshire

    Absorbed by MA
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Founded by Puritans. Socailly, they were a close society. Politically they tried to govern themselves but then got caught by the British. Economically they had settled in and they fished and hunted for food.
  • Maryland

    Founded by Lord Baltimore. Excepted all religions. Was a Catholic Haven. Farmed for food. Had tobacco.
  • Conneticut

    Extention of MA.
  • Rhode Island

    Founded by Roger Williams. Excepted many religions. Friendly with Indians. Self governed.
  • New Haven

    Part of Connecticut.
  • Delaware

    Founded by Swedes. Didn't last long. Took over by Dutch.
  • North Carolina

    Founded by the Virginians. Was a little democratic. Poorish people and farmers. Had Tobacco. Seperated from Carolina in 1712.
  • New Jersey

    Was a middle colony. Founded by Berkeley and Carteret. Had bread and was founded on a river, Had a seaport. Had a diverse, democratic like society.
  • Carolina

    Was founded by the Eight Nobles. Was ruled by the king. Very aristocratic society.
  • Pennsylvania

    Founded by William Penn and the Quakers. Excepted all religions and were very friendly wih the Indians. Was a wealthy bussiness colony. Ruled by proprietary.
  • Georgia

    Founded by Olgethrope and others. Was a buffer state between the Carolinas and Spanish Florida.