The Thirteen Original Colonies

  • Period: to

    founding Dates of the Colonies

  • Establishment of Virginia Colony

    Founded by the London Co.
    Social- Mostly men at first, few women eventual came. Death, disease, Indian attacks, and starvation weakened colony.
    Political- House of Burgesses representative government
    Economic- Cash crop, tobacco, large plantation.
  • New Hampshire Colony Established

    Founded by John Mason and others.
    Absorbed into the Massachusetts colony.
  • Establishment of the colony of Massachusetts

    Founded by Puritans that emigrated from England.
    Social- Religious based society, promoted the common good, close with God, and mostly families that emphasized family life.
    Political- Set up local government based on Mayflower Compact and had town meetings to discuss opinions. Elected governors and officials.
    Economic - Crops like corn borrowed from the Indians and shipbuilding.
  • Establishment of the colony of Maryland

    Founded by Lord Baltimore
    Social- Created as a haven for Catholics, feudal domain with large estates and plantations.
    Political- Lead by Lord BAltimore, gave religious tolerance to all Christians, but decreed the death pebalty to Jews and athiests.
    Economic -Large plantations, main cash crop of tobacco with the use of indentured servants.
  • Establishment of the colony of Connecticut

    Founded by emigrants from Massachusetts.
    Social- Emigrants who disliked life in Massachusetts and wanted to make their own colony.
    Political - Closer church-government alliance then in Massachusetts. Borrowed Fundamental Orders for colonial charter and later state constitution.
    Economic - Busy seaport at New Haven.
  • Establishment of the colony of Rhode Island

    Established by Roger Williams
    Social - Population of outcasts who left other colonies seeking religious tolerance.
    Political - Based on religious tolerance where "misfits" could live how they wanted.
    Economic - No taxes to support church state, large seaport and huge contributor in the triangle trade making rum.