The Thirteen Original Colonies

  • Virginia

    Social: Protestant beliefs.
    Political: The charter for Virginia promised the colonists the same rights as Englishmen. No established government.
    Econimic: Made a profit on tobacco growth.
  • New Hampshire

    Absorbed by Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Social: Composed of both Seperatists and Puritans; male-dominated. Had an established church.
    Political: Started crude government under The Mayflower Compact.
    Economic: Fur trading, fishing, and ship building.
  • Maryland

    Social: Tolerated Catholics; acted as a refuge for them.
    Political: Controlled Lord Baltimore.
    Economic: Propered with tobacco; indentured slavery.
  • Connecticut

    Social: Consisted of Boston Puritans.
    Political: Established the Fundamental Orders
    Economic: Trade similar to Massachusetts.
  • Rhode Island

    Social: Full of "outcasts"; it was very religiously tolerant.
    Political: Controlled by Roger WIlliams.
  • Deleware

    Social: Religious tolerance; inhabited by Sweden.
    Political: Democratic.
    Economic: Exported grain.
  • North Carolina

    Political: Lords Proprieters sent out to create the Carolinas; seperated from South Carolina.
    Economic: Closely tied with West Indies sugar trade.