baby timeline

By cobalt1
  • Baby is born

    Baby is born
  • Period: to


  • 13-18 months physical development

    13-18 months physical development
    baby will be able to walk.
    climbing skills develope
    baby not able to kick a ball just walk into it
  • 13-18 months intellectual

    13-18 months intellectual
    begin to form concepts
    very short memory and no forethought
    short attention span
    scribble more freely
  • 19-24months physical

    19-24months  physical
    walks with coordination and assurance
    bounces and sways in simple dancing
    jumps forward in place
    running, jumping, and climbing
  • 19-24month intellectual

    19-24month intellectual
    completes simple puzzles
    interested in tiny things like bugs
    looks more at the outcome of activities not at activities themselves
  • 25-30 months physical

    25-30 months physical
    baby fat begins to disapear
    kicks ball forward
  • 25-30months intellectual

    25-30months intellectual
    interested in childrens tv show
    understands cause and effect
  • 31-36month old physical

    31-36month old physical
    likes to be in constant motion
    enjoys game that involve running
  • 31-36month old intellectual

    31-36month old intellectual
    begins to classify into catigories
    can remember how to follow 3 step problems